Training Opportunities

The first 3 months on the programme are training front loaded.  During this time students are involved in a programme specific ‘welcome week’ where you will meet other members of the cohorts and take part in initial training activities.

All cohorts come together in October at the student-led conference which is rotated across the 3 institutions.

There then follows a series of cohort-wide and bespoke advanced training sessions as well as compulsory cohort-wide training opportunities during the rest of the first year.

6 months into the programme we hold a residential week long retreat at the Raymond Priestley Centre bringing the first year cohort together to engage in team building activities as well as helping to develop transferable skills such as team working and problem solving.

Throughout your time on the IMPACT programme, there will be various training opportunities that will become available to you to explore and engage with both from the DTP and also from external collaborators and the MRC.

University of Leicester