Lichfield’s Collections

Lichfield Cathedral houses a remarkable collection of medieval stone sculpture, the St Chad Gospels, and a fifteenth-century manuscript of Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales, in addition to medieval structures and wall art. To learn more about the Cathedral and its collections please click here.

During the Dialogue Day, medieval material on site will be explored in both its local and global (connective and comparative) cultural contexts by scholars working in Medieval Languages and Literature, History, Archaeology, and Byzantine Studies.

Detail, Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales. Image used with permission of Dave Healey and Lichfield Cathedral.
Medieval wall painting or frescoe above the door of the Chapter House in Lichfield Cathedral. Image used with permission of David Keith Jones & Lichfield Cathedral.
Inventory Number 0193 and 0194; 13th/14th-century Gemstone Bishop’s Ring and Plain Bishop’s Ring (with woman’s face). Image used with permission of Richard Ell and Lichfield Cathedral.