Welcome to the Computational Neuroimaging Lab (CNL) at the University of Birmingham. CNL is part of the Computational Life Sciences research theme of the School of Computer Science at the University of Birmingham. The lab was founded in Sep 2021 and is lead by Dr Felipe Orihuela-Espina.

At CNL we develop models and analysis tools to understand the neural system. This involves multidisciplinary research from computing (mainly), mathematics and statistics, and a bit of physics and neuroscience. We focus on mathematical and computational questions such as manifold modelling and causality that have implications for both segregational and integrational neuroscientific questions. We have a key research area on functional optical neuroimaging modalities such as fNIRS and DCS.

Recent news

  • New PhD projects announced

    The School of Computer Science at the University of Birmingham has recently move from all-year-round of applications to a gather field approach. We have now published a set of projects that will be participating in the call for competitive funding.