Network Activities

Our Work

C-LINK members are regularly engaged with police forces and other researchers across the world with the aim of ensuring crime linkage practice is informed by the best available evidence which includes co-creation of such evidence.

Some examples of our work

Crime Linkage Tools

We have designed decision support tools for crime linkage with law enforcement

Research Seminars

C-LINK hosts regular seminars/workshops with different academics asked to present some of their recent research at each one. This brings together academics and practitioners to share good practice, challenges in the field, and new research findings.

Collaboration with Police

C-LINK has been investigating how intelligence from crime linkage can be combined with other forms of police intelligence to identify suspects.

Crime Linkage Workshops

C-LINK has hosted workshops in crime linkage and in statistical methods that support crime linkage to help train professionals (e.g., two-day practical workshops).

Evaluating Practice

A number of projects have been carried out to evaluate crime linkage practice.

An 18-month project was conducted with the Bern Cantonal Police, Switzerland, regarding their use of ViCLAS and their crime linkage practice (including assessments of coding reliability onto ViCLAS).

A 2-year project was conducted with New Zealand Police to develop knowledge and methods that can enhance the ability to identify linked series of residential burglaries.

Crime Linkage Software

C-LINK has assisted in producing software to help researchers studying crime linkage.