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We’ve written an checklist to help you keep your accessible. It includes advice and tips on easy ways to make sure you’re not excluding visitors.

We’ve produced a guide to help you check your pages are accessible.


  • Make sure your link have titles.
  • Make sure your titles are descriptive.  Screenreaders can be set to allow visitors to skip through links, so ‘click here’ is not enough.  Most of the time, it’s easiest to expand the link to include more context:

    Good: Read this article about accessibility from Wikipedia.

    Read this article about accessibility from Wikipedia.

      Imagine taking all of the links from your post and putting them in a list. If you know where you’ll end up if you click on them, they’re accessible.


  • Do your images have descriptive alt text?
  • Alt text should accurately convey what is going on in the image – it’s not enough to say “dog”.
  • if your images convey complex messages, it might be better to offer a written version as well.


  • A full transcript should be available: this is useful for both visually impaired visitors and those with difficulty hearing.
  • If your video conveys complex messages using graphics, a written version should also be available.
  • Do not rely on subtitles provided from services like YouTube – they are not always accurate.
  • If you can, provide versions with sign language translations.

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