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Titles are important – sometimes they’re the only information a reader has on what to expect from your post so try to make them enticing or informative.  Remember, your title will be used on social media sites, search engines and RSS feed as well as Birmingham Blogs so try to treat your it as a miniature advert for your post.

Title length

A lot of services like Google and Bing cut off titles after around 55 – 60 Characters, so make sure you’ve put the important keywords at the start or it may never be read.

Ideas for good titles

Aim to do at least one (but not all) of the following:

  • Grab attention
    Keep your titles simple, clear and to the point – try to keep it under 55 characters to make sure your full title is displayed in search results. (Avoid using controversy and big claims to draw a reader in).
  • Describe your content
    Countless blog posts get skipped because they don’t really tell the reader what to expect and they don’t realise it’s relevant to them.
  • Use keywords in your title
    Key words not only help your readers – they help search engines too. Try to include words that you know your readers might search for.
  • Create debate / Challenge perceptions
    Blogs were built to enable discussions with your readers and this is probably the ultimate goal of any good blog post. Try to respond to your readers if they leave comments.
  • Meet a need / Give a benefit
    If you’ve found a solution to a problem why not share it? How to guides and advice pieces can be very popular (and go a long way to generating good will online).
  • Ask a question (that your readers will want to answer)
    If you’ve generated a good reader base, why not ask them what they’d like to read about next, or if they’d like to share their experiences and stories.

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