The Analytical and Clinical Metabolomics (ACM) Group is focused on the study of metabolism in human and other mammalian systems. These studies focus on human health, ageing and disease as well as metabolic changes during diet and exercise interventions. These studies are designed to develop and apply stratified medicine approaches for risk stratification, prognostic biomarkers and response stratification. To enable these studies to be performed we develop innovative and optimised analytical assays and computational tools to apply in untargeted, semi-targeted and targeted metabolomics studies.

Professor Warwick (Rick) Dunn leads and mentors the group which includes post-doctoral researchers, PhD students, Masters research students and visiting scientists. His aim for the group is to develop the next generation of metabolomics researchers globally to maximise the impact of human metabolism research.

The group is closely associated to the Birmingham Metabolomics Training Centre which Professor Dunn acts as Director of, and Phenome Centre Birmingham where Professor Dunn acts as Director of Mass Spectrometry.

Dunn Group Posing!

The Analytical and Clinical Metabolomics Group!

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