Heber Rodrigues

Heber Rogrigues


My main research focuses on the field of sensory perception and consumer psychology, studying the impact of culture on consumers’ mental representation and sensory perception of different objects (food, wines, sensory descriptors and flowers). I also have an interest in scientific research on lifestyle and nosalgic experiences of consumption. Precisely, my current research agenda focuses both on consumer experience, mental representation and perception of wines and the mechanisms involved in the way we communicate the information we receive from our senses. Other scientific projects that I am currently developing relate to my interest in the experience of wine consumption during holidays, the use and the materialisation of the word ‘elegance’ as an anchoring point to enhance consumer experience and satisfaction when consuming food and wines. I hold a PhD in Food Sciences – Sensory Perception, from the Centre of Taste and Feeding Behaviour – Universite de Bourgogne, France. I am co-author of the book “Consumer Research Methods in Food Science” and currently, Researcher at the UK Centre for Excellence in Wine Education, Training and Research, Brighton, Researcher collaborator at The Secret Vine in Essex and member of the Program Experiment of the Aix-Marseille Universite, France.