Meeting Reports

Inaugural Meeting – Report

Midlands Cardiovascular Research Network
Inaugural open scientific meeting

Thursday 23rd November 2017
Stamford Court, University of Leicester

Hosted by Prof. Andre Ng and Department of Cardiovascular Sciences
University of Leicester British Heart Foundation Cardiovascular Research Centre

The first open meeting of the Midlands Cardiovascular Research Network was held at Stamford Court, the University of Leicester well-appointed Conference Centre. The meeting generated great interest across the region and attracted 196 attendees and 80 research posters.

The programme included two talks from each of the seven partner universities, covering topics from discovery science, to clinical trials and treatment guidelines.  The highlight was a keynote lecture by Professor Sir Nilesh Samani, Medical Director of the British Heart Foundation.  He provided a survey of BHF activities and funding up to the present time, highlighting areas where major funding supported had been aimed and also important areas which had not historically attracted as much attention.  He also outlined recent and imminent initiatives, wholly-owned by BHF and collaborative  with other major funders (for example with the Turing and Crick Institutes, regional Clinical Research Networks, Health Data Research UK, and co-funding with NIHR and Deutschen Zentrum fur Hertz-Kreislauf) and gave forewarning of the next round of Research Excellence Awards to be opened early in 2018.

The meeting was a notable success in achieving its aims to disseminate information about research activities and expertise in the region, and providing an opportunity to identify unifying themes and USP(s) which could be developed in collaboration between the universities and colleagues.

Midlands Cardiovascular Research Network Inaugural Scientific Meeting Programme