The Midlands Cardiovascular Research Network (MCVRN) was formed out of a common desire of partner universities to combine our expertise in cardiovascular research from fundamental discovery science to experimental medicine, and pre-clinical and human physiology to clinical and health improvement research.  The partners are the universities of Aston, Birmingham, Keele, Leicester, Loughborough, Nottingham and Warwick.  Together, we will promote research on key issues in cardiovascular science that impact on human health and well being.
The network aims to be a platform to share expertise, resources and best-practice, and to build collaborations across the region that reflect our unique capabilities.   We want to take advantage of our world-leading strengths in experimental and clinical cardiovascular research with a view to making best use of our large, diverse but stable population. Our co-operation will help us to achieve  understanding of major health issues of our time, and to translate cutting-edge discoveries to clinical practice.