Our work

As it gets up and running, IMPACT will seek to:

  • Provide practical support to implement evidence in the realities of everyday life and front-line services
  • Overcome the limitations of previous approaches in a diverse, fragmented and under-funded sector
  • Bring key stakeholders together to co-design our work in inclusive and diverse ‘IMPACT Assemblies’ (based in all four nations of the UK to reflect different policy and practice contexts)
  • Work over three phases of development (‘co-design’, ‘establishment’ and ‘delivery’) to build a centre that becomes a permanent feature of the adult social care landscape

What is IMPACT trying to achieve?

In the words of one of the people using services who has helped to shape the new centre, IMPACT believes that “good support isn’t just about ‘services’ – it’s about having a life.”In pursuit of this wider vision of adult social care, key objectives for the new centre are to enable practical improvements on the ground, and make a crucial contribution to longer-term cultural change, by:

  • Supporting more widespread use of evidence in adult social care, leading to better care practices, systems and outcomes for people who use services, their families and communities
  • Building capacity and skills in the adult social care workforce to work with evidence of different kinds to innovate, improve care and deliver better outcomes
  • Facilitating sustainable and productive relationships between the full range of adult social care stakeholders to co-create positive change/innovations and improve outcomes for people using adult social care and their families
  • Improving understanding of the factors which help and hinder the implementation of evidence in practice, and using this to overcome longstanding barriers to positive change

To do this, IMPACT will need to collaborate with existing adult social care policy and practice partners, and its work will need to be embedded locally, regionally, nationally and across the UK.

What happens next?

IMPACT will start its initial engagement work from 1 June 2021, and will spend the rest of 2021 consulting with key stakeholders across adult social care, and across the four nations of the UK.  This will include:

  • A survey of key stakeholders to help identify the key priorities for the sector, and to help develop a draft work programme and ideas for delivery
  • Five linked ‘IMPACT Assemblies’ (two in England and one each in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland).  These will bring together people with lived experience, carers, practitioners, managers, policy makers, commissioners, providers and researchers in a series of interactive sessions to:  identify and build consensus around IMPACT’s priorities; test and refine proposed delivery models; and support subsequent scaling up and cultural change.  After IMPACT’s initial co-design phase, these will become ongoing advisory boards for the new centre
  • A national mapping exercise to build links with user-led organisations and community groups that work with and for people with seldom heard voices
  • A review and synthesis of the key principles and frameworks currently used in social care and health to support co-production (until this reports, IMPACT will draw on the4Pi National Involvement Standards developed by the National Survivor User Network to shape its initial approach)

IMPACT will then have a one-year establishment phase in which its key projects, delivery models and work programme will be refined in discussion with the sector, ready for delivery (2023-2027).