How to get involved

IMPACT will have up to £15 million to invest in helping evidence of what works make a difference to services, and hence to people’s lives. We want to make sure that we focus this funding on what would make the most difference, and provide the most help and support for front-line services and practice. 

If you want to find out more as IMPACT starts its work, please email us with your name, role and location (for example: ‘Jon Glasby, service user, Birmingham’; or ‘Jon Glasby, social worker, Birmingham’).

We want to hear from anyone involved with or connected to adult social care as we develop and test our ideas. We will listen to anyone but are particularly interested in hearing from:

  • People who use care and support services
  • User-led and community organisations
  • Groups that work with people whose voices are seldom heard
  • People who look after someone else – ‘carers’
  • People who work in adult social care
  • People who don’t usually get asked to contribute their views
  • People from black and minority ethnic communities

By completing this survey, which should take about 10 minutes, you will help shape how IMPACT works. Please note that the survey closes on 8 October 2021.

There are various options depending on how you would like to take part:

  1. Our preference is for you to complete the survey online
  1. People can fill out the survey themselves, or have someone to help them.  It is also fine for someone to fill out the survey on behalf of a group (for example, a Chair completing after discussion at a Board or AGM, or one member of a peer support network completing on behalf of the group)
  1. The survey is available in alternative languages. Please use the drop down menu to access your choice at the top of the survey. An Easy Read version of the survey details is also available.

If you would rather send in answers via email or get a word version to complete, please contact