Good support isn’t just about ‘services’
– it’s about having a life.

Help us make an impact on the way adult social care is delivered

IMPACT is ‘Improving Adult Care Together’.

IMPACT is the UK centre for implementing evidence in adult social care.  Working across the four nations and with co-production at its heart, IMPACT draws on insights from research, lived experience, and practice knowledge to make a difference to front-line services, and to people’s lives.

IMPACT – Who are we? (Video)

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Call for Submissions

Share your creative submissions to add to our ongoing ‘The future of care’ exhibition.

How we work

Led by Jon Glasby at the University of Birmingham, our team comes from across the UK and every part of the social care system.


IMPACT defines co-production as ‘people who draw on care and support and carers working with professionals in equal partnerships towards shared goals.’

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