“Good support isn’t just about ‘services’ – it’s about having a life.” 

IMPACT stands for ‘IMProving Adult Care Together’. It is a new £15 million UK centre for implementing evidence in adult social care, funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) and the Health Foundation.  It will be led by Professor Jon Glasby at the University of Birmingham, with a Leadership Team of 12 other academic, policy and practice partners, and a broader consortium of key stakeholders from across the sector and across the four nations of the UK.

IMPACT will be an ‘implementation centre’, drawing on knowledge gained from different types of research, the lived experience of people using services and their carers, and the practice wisdom of social care staff. It will work across England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales to make sure that it is embedded in and sensitive to the very different policy contexts in the four nations, as well as being able to share learning across the whole of the UK. 

We have provided a briefing for the IMPACT Centre which summarises its aims, work programme and possible delivery models. The briefing may be downloaded below, together with an easy read version.


If you want to find out more as IMPACT starts its work, please email us with your name, role and location (for example: ‘Jon Glasby, service user, Birmingham’; or ‘Jon Glasby, social worker, Birmingham’) and we will add you to our distribution list.

If you are a user-/carer-led organisation or a community organisation working with people whose voices are seldom heard, please provide some very brief details so that we can keep in touch with you.

Jon Glasby introduces IMPACT

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NEW: What Matters is What Works – but who decides?  (Insights from IMPACT’s national survey)

As IMPACT moves into the next phase of its development (its ‘Establishment’ phase), we are making available the key messages we’ve received from our national survey of people involved in adult social care – along with a blog from IMPACT’s Obert Tawodzera and Jon Glasby on the main themes that emerge.  We’ll be working with key messages from the survey throughout 2022 and beyond, but we want to make sure that everyone who took part (and others who are interested) can see what we found in the mean time.

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