Training objectives

Training Objectives (TOs): The primary TO is to deliver scientifically outstanding researchers with international, interdisciplinary and intersectoral experience, out of which arise these specific TOs:

TO3: To promote transnational, interdisciplinary, and intersectoral research whereby each ESR interacts with several Partners and different disciplinary groups within their host institution, and the network has access to the network research infrastructure, including those of the POs.

TO4: To provide each ESR with transferable skills that will be valuable to trainees throughout their subsequent careers. In particular, to provide them with skills that bridge disciplinary boundaries and improve their ability to communicate ideas and research outcomes to a wide range of stakeholders and audiences in order to maximise dissemination. This will specifically include training in Open Science which will be focussed on publishing and communicate scientific knowledge and in particular open access and open data strategies and techniques.

TO5: To require each ESR to formulate a Personal Career Development Plan (PCDP) including detailed planning of the research project and a coherent skills training plan drawing on UoB’s training courses as well as network-specific ATCs.

TO6: To prepare all ESRs for effective interaction and communication with stakeholders from all relevant sectors in order to achieve greater possible exploitation of research outcomes beyond the academic sector and in particular the translation of results into fulfilling the strategic goals of policy formulation aimed at targeted implementation.