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Is the US-EU potential cooperation on industrial goods consistent with Article XXIV GATT?

Abstract:  The recent transatlantic trade talks between the US and EU aim to cover exclusively tariffs on industrial goods omitting agriculture which gives rise to a question regarding compatibility with the ‘substantially all the trade’ requirement under Article XXIV GATT. This blog looks closer into the elements of the ‘substantially all the trade’ test, as well… Read more »

The Dispute Settlement Mechanism in EU – Ukraine DCFTA: Could it be Paralyzed at the Stage of Panel Selection?

Photo of Cornelia Furculiță

Abstract:  The dispute settlement mechanisms from free trade agreements have been rarely used in practice. States preferred solving their disputes within the WTO. This, however, seems to be changing. One of the first examples indicating this change is the EU’s request for consultations with Ukraine under the EU – Ukraine DCFTA. This post describes the possible… Read more »

3 ESRs and several Supervisors participated in the Conference ‘Global Politics and EU Free Trade Policy’

10th-11th December 2018, Brussels, Belgium EUTIP organized an interdisciplinary conference on Global Politics and EU Free Trade Policy on 10th and 11th December 2018 in Brussels. Participants from all over Europe took part in the Conference as speakers or attendees. The conference was opened by a message from Prof. Wolfgang Weiss – the organiser of the Conference… Read more »

Several ESRs presented at the Conference “The European Union in International Affairs VI”

16th-18th May 2018, Brussels, Belgium Four of our ESRs (Isabella Mancini, Cornelia Furculita, Tobias Gehrke, and Francesco Pennesi) presented their papers in a common panel during the conference ‘The European Union in International Affairs VI‘. The panel was entitled ‘EU FTAs: Challenges and Opportunities for Global Governance’ and it included an interdisciplinary approach to the evolving relationship… Read more »

Sonali Chowdhry Attends Several Discussions on Trade Issues

Our ESR from Ifo Institut in Munich, Sonali Chowdhry, attended to several discussion on different trade related issues: UNCTAD’s ‘Geneva Dialogue – Trade in Crisis: Headwinds or Maelstrom?’ February 2018, Geneva, Switzerland Sonali participated in an open discussion with trade experts, policy makers and journalists on the future of global governance and multilateralism in international… Read more »

Western Hemisphere Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Netherlands, “Transatlantic Seminar”

24th April 2018, the Hague, the Netherlands Melanie Theisinger, participated in the Transatlantic Seminar organized by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. During the panel discussion, she answered several questions regarding adjustment and structural costs of changes in trade policy. In the economics working group, she discussed with Hiddo Huben, Deputy Chief negotiator for TTIP at… Read more »