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Is the US-EU potential cooperation on industrial goods consistent with Article XXIV GATT?

Abstract:  The recent transatlantic trade talks between the US and EU aim to cover exclusively tariffs on industrial goods omitting agriculture which gives rise to a question regarding compatibility with the ‘substantially all the trade’ requirement under Article XXIV GATT. This blog looks closer into the elements of the ‘substantially all the trade’ test, as well… Read more »

Sonali Chowdhry presents EU-Japan EPA at AAS conference

On 22 March 2019, EUTIP Marie Curie Fellow Sonali Chowdhry attended the Annual conference organised by the Association for Asian Studies. As one of the co-authors of the latest European Parliament Study on the EU-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement, Sonali Chowdhry was invited to join as a guest speaker alongside Pekka Hakala and Stephanie Mitchell from… Read more »

Public Procurement PhD Conference in Turin

On 22 March 2019, EUTIP Marie Curie Fellow Alice Manzini and EUTIP Network Coordinator Professor Martin Trybus attended a conference for PhD students in public procurement organised by the University of Turin, one of the beneficiaries on the EUTIP ITN. 8 young researchers from Italy, France, the Netherlands, Denmark and the United Kingdom, including Alice,… Read more »

Immigrant networks and trade flows: a detective approach

Photo of Gerard Masllorens

‘It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data. Insensibly one begins to twist facts to suit theories, instead of theories to suit facts.’ Sherlock Holmes, A Scandal in Bohemia Abstract:  In recent days, immigration is at the centre of the political debate. Nevertheless, opinions about this topic are too often founded in emotional… Read more »

EUTIP meetings in Nottingham

16-18 January 2019, Nottingham, UK The EUTIP Marie Curie ITN met from 16 to 18 January 2019 on the beautiful campus of the University of Nottingham (University Park) in the United Kingdom (Nottingham also has campuses in China and Malaysia). The meetings started with a EUTIP Supervisory Board meeting hosted by the School of Law of… Read more »

The “new” MERCOSUR Protocol on Public Procurement and its role for the EU-MERCOSUR FTA

Abstract:  Public procurement has played a significant role in the internal and external trade relations of MERCOSUR. On the one hand, MERCOSUR has successfully adopted a new instrument, the Protocol on Public Procurement, with the aim of promoting regional integration and market access between its Parties. On the other, it is currently negotiating a free trade… Read more »

Three ESRs participated in the Ifo Institute annual Mountain Retreat

Three of our ESRs (Sonali Chowdhry, Jorge Soguero Escuer and Gerard Masllorens) together with Professor Felbermayr participated in the annual Mountain Retreat in International Economics organized by the Ifo Insitute Trade Group, on 24-26 September 2018. The mountain retreat aims at discussing recent, highly relevant papers in International Economics and trade, state-of-the-art econometric methods as… Read more »

Two ESRs participated in the 20th ETSG Conference in Warsaw

Sonali Chowdhry and Jorge Soguero Escuer, two ESRs of our network, have participated to the 20th annual Conference organised by the European Trade Study Group (ETSG), on 13-15 September 2018. The European Trade Study Group (ETSG) is a forum for academic discussion and research on international trade among universities and research institutes. This year was the twentieth conference… Read more »

Sonali Chowdhry Leader of Tomorrow at St. Gallen Symposium

2nd-4th May 2018, St Gallen, Switzerland Sonali Chowdhry was selected as a Leader of Tomorrow at the St. Gallen Symposium ‘Beyond the End of Work’. She engaged with young entrepreneurs, scientists and government officials amongst others on the impact of large-scale automation on labour market outcomes and patterns of international trade.

Sonali Chowdhry participated in the Seventh International Conference on Industrial Organization and Spatial Economics

18th-19th February 2018, Saint Petersburg, Russia Paper presented: Productivity Premium in Trade: How Darwinian is Efficiency Sorting? Sonali Chowdhry took part in the 7th International Conference on Industrial Organization and Spatial Economics organised by the Higher School of Economics of St Petersburg. She presented her working paper at a session on Industries and Trade where… Read more »