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The “new” MERCOSUR Protocol on Public Procurement and its role for the EU-MERCOSUR FTA

Abstract:  Public procurement has played a significant role in the internal and external trade relations of MERCOSUR. On the one hand, MERCOSUR has successfully adopted a new instrument, the Protocol on Public Procurement, with the aim of promoting regional integration and market access between its Parties. On the other, it is currently negotiating a free trade… Read more »

Aakriti Bhardwaj Participated in LawTTIP Young Researchers Workshop

17th October 2018, King’s College London, United Kingdom The ESR Aakriti Bhardwaj participated in the LawTTIP Young Researchers Workshop: Beyond TTIP: A New Season for EU FTAs? organised by the Dickson Poon School of Law, King’s College London. The EUTIP lead Supervisor and Researcher, Professor Fahey was also a part of the Workshop as an external expert. She shared… Read more »

Sonali Chowdhry Presented Findings from a Study on EU-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement

3rd October 2018, Brussels, Belgium Our EUTIP researcher Sonali Chowdhry presented findings from a newly published study on the EU-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement (EUJEPA). This study was requested by the Committee on International Trade (INTA) ahead of the European Parliament’s final plenary vote on the agreement. It is co-authored with Professor André Sapir and Alessio Terzi at… Read more »

Article Published by Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Weiß

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Weiß, EUTIP Lead Researcher and Supervisor, published the article ‘Delegation to Treaty Bodies in EU Agreements: Constitutional Constraints and Proposals for Strengthening the European Parliament‘ in the European Constitutional Law Review 2018(3). Abstract: ‘EU Free Trade Agreements entail the establishment of decision-making joint organs. They are granted increasingly comprehensive powers which go far beyond… Read more »

Konilia Pipidi presented at the International Conference on EU’s Trade and Investment Agreements

4th-5th May 2018, Athens, Greece Paper presented: Regulatory Cooperation in the New EU FTAs and the Quest for Legitimacy Konilia Pipidi Kalogirou participated to the International Conference on EU’s Trade and Investment Agreements: Constitutional and substantive issues co-organized by ELGS (European Law and Governance School) and the University of Oslo at the EPLO (European Public Law Organization) premises in Plaka and Sounion. She presented during… Read more »

Several ESRs presented at the Conference “The European Union in International Affairs VI”

16th-18th May 2018, Brussels, Belgium Four of our ESRs (Isabella Mancini, Cornelia Furculita, Tobias Gehrke, and Francesco Pennesi) presented their papers in a common panel during the conference ‘The European Union in International Affairs VI‘. The panel was entitled ‘EU FTAs: Challenges and Opportunities for Global Governance’ and it included an interdisciplinary approach to the evolving relationship… Read more »

Iulianna Romanchyshyna participated in the European Union at the Crossroads of Global Order Conference

14 th – 15 th June 2018, Hong Kong, China Paper presented: Trade and Sustainable Development Chapters in EU Free Trade Agreements after Opinion 2/15 Along with Gesa Kuebek, a PhD researcher from the University of Passau, Iulianna Romanchyshyna presented a joint paper at the EUCROSS Conference co-organised by the Chinese University of Hong Kong… Read more »