Sonali Chowdhry and Jorge Soguero Escuer attended the PSE 2019 Summer School

On 24-28th June, ESRs Sonali Chawdhry and Jorge Soguero Escuer attended the Trade Programme of the Paris School of Economics (PSE) Summer School. They had the chance to consolidate concepts, learn about the latest trade research and network with fellow peers. The one-week course was structured in four different modules as follows: Trade Policy I (Mathieu Parenti, Université Libre de Bruxelles) covering various topics such as gravity model, Brexit, lobbying and tax avoidance through profit shifting;  Trade Policy II (Anne-Célia Disdier, PSE) on quantifying the effects of preferential trade agreements and ad-valorem equivalents of non-tariff measures; Trade and Income Distribution (Ariell Reshef, PSE); and Heterogeneity and Competition in Global Markets (Carsten Eckel, Ludwig-Maximilians University). Additionally, there was a Trade Seminar on “Trade, Pollution and Mortality in China” by Matilde Bombardini, Vancouver School of Economics.  In the last day, Sonali presented her ongoing paper on the “Impact of EUKFTA on Firms’ Exporting Activity” where she received useful comments from the audience.