Konilia Pipidi participated in the Radboud Economic Law Conference: Upgrading Trade and Services in EU and International Economic Law

15th June 2018, Nijmegen, the Netherlands

Paper Presented: Services Liberalization through Regulatory Alignment in CETA: Prospects and Limits

Konilia Pipidi Kalogirou took part in the 3rRadboud Economic Law Conference organised by the Faculty of Law, Radboud University Nijmegen. This conference aims to provide a forum where judges, academics, practitioners, etc. may exchange ideas on how to upgrade trade and services in the European Union (EU) and via free trade agreements. Her presentation touched upon regulatory questions arising from the Comprehensive and Economic Trade Agreement (CETA) in relation to trade in services liberalization. To this aim, she focused upon the impact of regulatory cooperation on services liberalization. She found that the new provisions and the relevant Chapter on Regulatory Cooperation did apply to services, and could be promising given the right implementation. Limits to this liberalization were found first within the Agreement itself and second arising from the unclear implementation of the Agreement.