Professor Kenner’s Publication

Professor Jeff Kenner, Professor of European Law, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Nottingham

EUTIP Researcher and lead supervisor, Professor Jeff Kenner (University of Nottingham, School of Law) published an article on “Uber drivers are ‘workers’ – The expanding scope of the ‘worker’ concept in the UK’s gig economy”. 

Abstract: This chapter aims, firstly, to evaluate the importance of granting ‘worker’ status to self- employed gig workers and, secondly, to address complex issues of precarity that remain even when workers on digital platforms have some modicum of employment protection. Part II assesses the impact of the gig economy on the UK’s vibrant but precarious labour market, identifying problematic issues, such as employment status, sham self-employment, pay, working hours, tax and social security. Part III studies the Uber case15 building in analysis of the tribunals’ approach to the law on employment status, sham terms and availability for work. Part IV analyses the CJEU case of Uber Systems Spain,16 the UK Supreme Court (UKSC) judgment in Pimlico Plumbers17 and the UK Government’s Taylor Review,18 as indicators of the future direction of the law. Concluding observations are in Part V.

The full paper is available here.