Jorge Soguero participated in the Annual Conference of the Agricultural Economics Society at the University of Warwick, Coventry, UK

The AES Annual Conference held on  15-17 April 2019 brought together researchers and experts on the agri-food sector worldwide. The conference included a keynote address by Robert Finger, head of Agriculture Dept. at ETH Zurich on the challenges agricultural policymaking faces on combining efficient environmental and economic performance, with a summary of lessons learned from the Swiss case. The conference also included a plenary session on “Methodological approaches in agricultural economics” and workshops with the latest research outcomes on food waste and food and health.

 In a session dedicated to Food, health and sustainability, Jorge presented the latest progress on his paper about the obesity costs associated to free trade agreements and the rise in soft drink consumption. In a first step, Jorge estimates the cost associated to obesity base on the unit cost of each obesity-associated morbidity and the relative risks these diseases imply for the overweight and obese population. Once the dependant variable has been constructed, Jorge proceeds to measure the specific effect of trade and investment liberalization on these costs. The session was chaired by Prof. Tim Lloyd, Bournemouth University.  Jorge received constructive feedback during and after the session.