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Outreach activities

Sonali Chowdhry participated in the Ifo’s Trade Seminar

February 2018, Munich, Germany Paper presented: Productivity Premium in Trade: How Darwinian is Efficiency Sorting? Sonali Chowdhry presented at a trade seminar organised by Ifo Institute for Economic Research, her working paper which examines the economic mechanisms that generate cross-industry variations in the magnitude of productivity premium of exporting firms relative to non-exporting firms. It… Read more »

EUTIP ESRs participated in the Annual Conference “Transitions, Transactions, Translations: Europe on the threshold”

9th-10th May 2018, Birmingham, United Kingdom Beginning of May 2018, two of our ESRs, Aakriti Bhardwaj and Alice Manzini participated to the 12th Annual Conference “Transitions, Transactions, Translations: Europe on the threshold” organised by the Graduate Centre for Europe in collaboration with the University of Birmingham. The interdisciplinary conference invited papers from disciplines such as Political Sciences, Economics, European Studies and Environmental… Read more »

Iulianna Romanchyshyna participated in the European Union at the Crossroads of Global Order Conference

14 th – 15 th June 2018, Hong Kong, China Paper presented: Trade and Sustainable Development Chapters in EU Free Trade Agreements after Opinion 2/15 Along with Gesa Kuebek, a PhD researcher from the University of Passau, Iulianna Romanchyshyna presented a joint paper at the EUCROSS Conference co-organised by the Chinese University of Hong Kong… Read more »

Iulianna Romanchyshyna took part in the PEPA Conference of the Society of International Economic Law

13 th – 14 th April 2018, Nicosia, Cyprus Paper presented: Regulatory Cooperation in Free Trade Agreements – the US and EU Perspectives Iulianna Romanchyshyna took part in the 7 th Conference of the Postgraduate and Early Professionals/ Academics Network of the Society of International Economic Law (PEPA/SIEL) organised by PEPA/SIEL in collaboration with the Law School… Read more »

Melanie Theisinger attended the Conference “Re-inventing Europe in the Digital Age: Europe in the Global Competition”

14th– 15th May 2018, Berlin, Germany Melanie Theisinger attended the Hanns Martin Schleyer-Stiftung conference for young researchers in the Umweltforum. It was hosted together with the ifo Institute and the Heinz and Heide Dürr Stiftung. She participated in the Working Group ‘Europe in the Global Competition’ and discussed with other participants the legal aspects of… Read more »

Western Hemisphere Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Netherlands, “Transatlantic Seminar”

24th April 2018, the Hague, the Netherlands Melanie Theisinger, participated in the Transatlantic Seminar organized by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. During the panel discussion, she answered several questions regarding adjustment and structural costs of changes in trade policy. In the economics working group, she discussed with Hiddo Huben, Deputy Chief negotiator for TTIP at… Read more »

Tobias Gehrke was invited at the Gem Stones ITN: PhD Summer School

2nd – 6th July 2018, Geneva, Switzerland Paper presented: Contested multilateralism and policy coherence: China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) and the investment dispute resolution (ISDS) regime complex   The Gem Stones consortium (MSCA-ITN) invited external participants for their annual PhD Summer School, which is characterised by a mix of lectures by professors and presentations as… Read more »

Trading Invisibles: Exposure of Countries to General Data Protection Regulation

In this latest piece for Bruegel, Sonali Chowdhry (EUTIP ESR) and Nicolas Moës (Bruegel) analyse the implications of the ​General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) for services trade with the EU. They provide a novel mapping of countries’ relative exposure to these regulations by a) measuring the digital maturity of their service exports to the EU; and b) the share… Read more »