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Agri-food Trade after Brexit: Policy Options and Role of Regulation in Future Trade Flows

Abstract: Food trade is a sensitive matter for UK’s post-Brexit food security and EU food exporters. Despite the relatively high tariffs on agricultural products compared to other sectors, the Political Declaration on the future relationship suggests the intentions of UK and EU trade negotiators to eliminate them. However, the text is more ambiguous about rules and… Read more »

The EU Enters the Geoeconomic Arena

Photo of Tobias Gehrke

Abstract: This post discusses the newly agreed EU legislation on an investment screening mechanism in light of the ever-increasing convergence between states’ security and economic concerns. The EU-China investment relationship is a case in point of this convergence. The ushering in of a geoeconomic era helps explain why states leverage economic interdependencies and why economic flows… Read more »

Regulatory Cooperation in the USMCA

Photo of Kornilia Pipidi Kalogirou

Abstract: This blogpost has the aim to analyse the status of the Regulatory Cooperation activities in the new NAFTA – officially “USMCA”. Regulatory Cooperation did not actually work much under the previous trilateral regime, and was revised in the USMCA after Canadian initiative. Constituting a new but important part of trade liberalization, advanced Regulatory Cooperation… Read more »

A Financial Exception For Brexit? The Lesson of TTIP For Brexit Negotiations

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Abstract:  Brexit is destined to have a heavy impact on the cross-border regulation and supervision of financial services between the EU and the UK. Henceforth, both parties must find the right regulatory mechanism to manage their relationship in this complex field. Can a UK-EU trade agreement also discipline cross-border finance between the two parties? The present… Read more »

Renegotiating NAFTA: between free flows of data and data protection & privacy rights

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Abstract: Cross-border data flows have now become the backbone of digital trade and are high on the agenda of leading economies in North America, Asia, not least the European Union. In this context, increasing concerns have arisen in relation to data flows containing personal information. This blogpost engages to analyse the interplay of trade, cross-border… Read more »

Trump: Symptom or Disease?

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Abstract: This post draws attention to the need of placing president Trump in context. It tries to illustrate that the discourse of the current United States (US) administration towards the European Union (EU), characterised by a degree of hostility or otherwise negative sentiment, might be of a more permanent nature than one would like to… Read more »

Connected Nations

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Abstract: This post compares key network properties of three international economic flows – trade, foreign direct investment (FDI) and remittances. It reports considerable heterogeneity along multiple dimensions, with international trade flows exhibiting greater network density and efficiency. An analysis of the structure of relationships reveals that trade ties are also more reciprocal and transitive in… Read more »

The Rationales For Diversity In Arbitral Appointments In Investment Arbitration

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Abstract: This blog post describes the ongoing discussion on diversity in international investment arbitration with a specific focus on the rationales in favour of diversification in the composition of arbitral tribunals. While it is methodologically difficult to establish its effect on the quality of adjudication, it is argued that increased diversity can lead to significant enhancement… Read more »