Alice Manzini and Prof. Martin Trybus took part in 8th Public Procurement Research Students Conference

Alice Manzini and Prof. Martin Trybus, EUTIP Network Coordinator and Director of Research, participated in the 8th Public Procurement Research Students Conference at the University of Nottingham on 20-21 September 2018. The conference has been organised by the University of Nottingham’s Public Procurement Research Group (PPRG), a global leader in research and teaching on public procurement regulation and is aimed at research students of all levels, not only in law but also in any discipline whose research touches on issues affecting procurement regulation in a broad sense.

Prof. Martin Trybus was discussant in the opening panel of the conference entitled “Issues on Contracting Authourities”, chaired by Prof. Sue Arrowsmith (University of Nottingham School of Law). He discussed two papers on the role of State as contracting authority and the notion of conflict of interest under public procurement law. He also chaired the panel on “Contract Award Criteria”, discussed by Dr. Paula Bordalo Faustino (University of Nottingham School of Law), introducing two papers on the evaluation methods on economic sub-criteria and non-price competition at the contract award stage.
Alice Manzini presented her PhD proposal on “the Liberalisation of Public Procurement Markets through EU Free Trade Agreements” in the panel entitled “Public Procurement Markets”, chaired by Dr. Luke Butler (University of Birmingham) and discussed by Dr. Ping Wang (University of Nottingham School of Law)”