Founder of group ‘Muslims for Progressive Values’ discusses homopobia in the Islamic community

In response to the Orlando shooting, a group called Muslims for Progressive Values is calling on mosques to come out against homophobia and violence against the LGBT community.
Ani Zonneveld is the founder and president of the organization. She talked about the issue of homophobia in the Islamic community. For more information, go to the website

Europe’s Muslims: Challenges and Misconceptions

Months after the “Charlie Hebdo” attacks, questions remain about Europe’s Islamic communities. How strong is the lure of groups like al-Qaeda and ISIS for Islamic youth in France or the UK? Why do so many Muslims, including those born and raised in affluent European states, feel disconnected from their societies? Georgetown’s Jocylene Cesari and University of Michigan’s Juan Cole take a nuanced look at these misunderstood communities.

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Islam in France: Revelations of a prominent French cop (video)

A former General Information official, considered to be one of the principal specialists on Islam in France, Bernard Godard was invited to discuss his new book The Muslim Question in France. During the interview he discusses how Islam is practiced by the generations born in France, the difficulties of the French Council of the Muslim Religion, as well as the development of the Salafist movement, Islamophobia, and the Interior Minister’s recent initiative to create a “dialogue forum” between the government and the representatives of Islam.

Akhenaton: France has been scared of Islam since 9/11 (video)

Akhenaton, singer and member of the band IAM, released his fifth solo album in November entitled Je suis en vie. The singer has been known for his anti-racism advocacy. In his song Etrangs fruits, a tribute to the “protest song” by Billie Holiday, Strange Fruit, the singer denounces, “zemmourification,” a reference to the polemicist who has used the media to create controversy. The rapper discussed the state of French society and the “fear of Islam.”

“Islam, a subject which is absolutely not taught.” Does France have a problem with Islam? “France is Islamophobic,” said Akhenaton: “Islamo-phobe= someone who is fearful of Islam.” For the IAM singer, this fear dates back to the 9/11 attacks in the United States.

But for the rapper, the response has not been equal to the level of fear. Akhenaton calls out teaching curricula. “Do you think that our universities know the subject of Islam well? The same ones who teach history today?” he asked before adding, “it’s a subject that is absolutely not taught, while 7 million of our fellow citizens” are concerned.

Ramadan in Spain

Islam Hoy – Ramadam en EspañaVer vídeoIslam Hoy - Ramadam en España

A video portraying how the Ramadan is lived in Spain; Muslim leaders and others share their thoughts on all aspects from the sacred month: fasting; weather circumstances; integration and the meaning of the celebration.

Burka Avenger: the Pakistani cartoon challenging the Taliban on girls’ education – video trailer

Watch a trailer for Burka Avenger, the first animated series to be produced in Pakistan. The cartoon was created by local pop star Haroon and stars a burka-clad female superhero who takes on her enemies using a martial art called Takht Kabaddi, which uses books and pens as weapons. The series is intended to provide a positive role model for girls in the face of the Taliban’s opposition to female education.

Investigation Finds Women at Risk in Sharia Courts

7 April 2013sharia documentary

A Crown Prosecution Service investigation of a number of Sharia courts operating in mosques across the country found that these courts may be risking the safety of women by ruling in favor of possibly abusive husbands. Continue reading “Investigation Finds Women at Risk in Sharia Courts”