Spain ready to aid US in strengthening ties with Muslim nations

Spain announced last Tuesday that it was ready to help the United States in reaching out to Muslim countries that President Barack Obama announced in his speech to the Turkish parliament. “The United States knows that Spain has the ability, influence, understanding and experience (in the Muslim countries) and, therefore, we’re going to work in that regard,” Spanish Foreign Minister Miguel Angel Moratinos.

The strengthening of Spanish-Muslim ties was one of the major issues discussed by President Obama and Spanish Prime Minister Zapatero. “I think that the Obama administration’s focus on international relations – supporting multilateralism, dialogue and respect for others and intelligent diplomacy – fully coincides with the Alliance of Civilizations,” said Spanish Foreign Minister Miguel Angel Moratinos.

Morocco condemns the visit of the Kings to the lost cities

Morocco considers that the Royal trip of Don Juan Carlos and Dona Sofia to Ceuta and Melilla as an endangerment to the relations between the two countries. This reaction represents a much higher critique than the one presented to the visit of Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero in 2006. Moreover, it has opened up bilateral tensions once again focusing on the Spanish territories in the North African region.

Zapatero downplays Al Qaeda threat

MADRID – Spanish Prime Minister Jos_ Luis Rodr_guez Zapatero on Friday downplayed the latest threat against Spain by the terrorist organisation Al Qaeda, saying the government was working hard to prevent attacks against Spanish interests. “We’ve been receiving more or less explicit threats for a long time now (and) it’s nothing new although this time it’s gotten a lot of press play,” he said in a radio interview. In a video released this week, Al Qaeda’s number two, Ayman al Zawahiri, urged Muslims to “clean the Islamic Maghreb of the sons of France and Spain.”

Militants of the Popular Party and of the Falange insult Zapatero and scream Spain is Christian not Islamic

Murcia was the stage of manifestations against and in favour of Zapatero. The events were so serious that the event in which the Prime Minister was supposed to participate had to be cancelled. The militants of PP accused him of being the anti-Christ at the same time that members of the PSOE were thanking him for having reposed their faith.