Attacks Imminent? German Islamist Appears in New Jihad Vide

Two short films have appeared on the Internet featuring the German Islamist Eric B. in which he calls his “brothers” to join the jihad. The authorities have been hunting him for weeks, fearful that he could be preparing a terrorist attack in Kabul. The video messages are fanning those fears. The news spread like wildfire through the offices of Germany’s intelligence agencies. Two new terrorist videos had turned up on the Turkish-language Web site “Time for Martyrdom,” which has become an important mouthpiece for Islamist propaganda. And once again there were was a clear connection to Germany. German terrorist investigators are alarmed at the new videos. After an initial assessment, it was clear that the two short films feature the German Islamist Eric B. from Neuenkirchen in Saarland. For the past few weeks, a publicity campaign in Kabul (more…) has focused on finding him and his presumed accomplice Houssain al-M. Matthias Gebauer and Yassin Musharbash report.

Comics against Jihadism: Germany Battles Terror in the Classrooms

The Interior Ministry of the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia is taking a new tack in the fight against homegrown terrorism. It’s using a comic book — complete with colorful images and “youthful” language — to battle nasty jihadism. Yassin Musharbash reports.

Representative of the German Islamic Council hold Anti-Semitic Speech

A member of the board of the German Islam Council, the German convert Abu Bakr Reiger, had held an openly anti-Semitic speech. After a video of the speech was made public, the Council forced him to resign. The Islamic Council is a member of the Federal German Islam Conference, which is organized by the Federal Ministry of Interior. Jan-Philipp Hein, Yassin Musharbash and Anna Reimann report.

Terror Arrests in Vienna: Austria’s Jihad by Telecommute

They translated and prepared terror videos, claims of responsibility and al-Qaida propaganda on the Internet. Austrian police have now attributed this handiwork to the Global Islamic Media Front and the leader of this network is reportedly among the arrested. Yassin Musharbash reports.