Brexit board member resigns over Islamophobic tweets

A board member of the Leave campaign resigned Monday over a series of anti-

Muslim tweets, just two days before a referendum decides whether the U.K.

should stay in the EU, according to British media reports.

The Guardian noted that Arabella Arkwright, who is also a businesswoman,

reposted on her Twitter feed an image of a white woman surrounded by black-

colored burqas along with the caption: “Britain 2050: Why didn’t you stop them


She also reposted another message saying: “Yazidi women fleeing Isis [Daesh]”

with a “Stop Islam” logo, according to the paper.

Arkwright reportedly deleted her Twitter account after she got negative

reactions to her posts.

Vote Leave campaign in a statement to the paper said that Arabella’s tweets did

not reflect the views of the group.

“As soon as we were made aware of these tweets we asked Arabella to hand in

her resignation, which she has done with immediate effect. These tweets do not

reflect the views of the Vote Leave campaign,” it said.

Also, Arkwright defended her position in a statement to the paper.

“I would like to make it absolutely clear that my RTs [re-tweets] and forwarding

do not mean that I endorse in any way the content of them,” she said.

Leave campaigners have repeatedly used xenophobic and Islamophobic content

to instill fear among voters that such a move would supposedly invite millions of

migrants into the bloc, especially to the U.K.

On Monday, Sayeeda Warsi, a senior Muslim politician in Britain’s governing

Conservative Party, also abandoned her support for Brexit.

The former Foreign Office minister had accused the Leave campaign of telling

“complete lies” about Turkey’s EU membership and announced she now

supported a vote for Britain to remain in the European Union.

Leave Voter Admits He Voted To ‘Stop Muslims Coming Into The UK’

A Barnsley man has admitted he voted leave in the EU referendum ‘to stop

Muslims coming into the country’.

Interviewed by Channel 4 News the unidentified man said: “It’s all about

immigration. It’s not about trade or Europe or anything like that, it’s all about


“It’s to stop Muslims coming into this country. Simple as that.”

Journalist Ciaran Jenkins asks him: “Do you think you voted to leave the EU to

stop Muslims coming to the country?”

The man replies: “To stop immigration. The movement of people in Europe, fair

enough but not from Africa, Syria, Iraq or anywhere else.”

Apparently lost on the gentlemen is the fact that immigration from these

countries has nothing to do with the EU.