Dutch Organizations Launch ‘Vote Compass’ for Egypt Elections

14 November 2011


Preceding the parliamentary elections to be held in Egypt from 28 November, Radio Netherlands Worldwide and the VU University Amsterdam have launched an online ‘vote compass’. The site presents respondents with multiple choice questions as a means for determining which political party best represents their interests. The test was compiled through analysis of official documents and the stated views of the parties or statements made by their leaders. The Egyptian version of the Vote Compass site, which is not affiliated with any political or government body, also involves several Egyptian collaborative partners, from al-Jazeera to Cairo University.

Dutch Organizations Launch Online Vote Compass for Morocco

31 October 2011

In advance of parliamentary elections in Morocco on 25 November, in which the king will transfer his governmental authority to a prime minister, Dutch organizations have created an online ‘Vote Compass’ for the country. The Compass, available in French and Arabic, enables participants to respond to a series of questions, indicating which of the competing political parties’ views most closely reflect their own. The Compass was created by the Free University of Amsterdam and was launched in association with Radio Netherlands Worldwide; it has no links to any party, candidate or government body.