Dutch Film Directors’ Murderer Included in Al-Qaeda Video

June 4 2011

De Telegraaf reports that a video clip released by as-Sahab, al-Qaeda’s media branch, has featured an image of Mohammed Bouyeri, who killed Dutch film director Theo van Gogh in 2004. His inclusion is unusual in a video which otherwise focuses on depictions of senior al-Qaeda leaders.

VIDEO: Al Jazeera coverage of report launch on Islamophobia in Britain

27 November 2010
A report published by a UK university has found that since the 9/11 attacks on the US in 2001, arson, criminal damage, violence and intimidation against Muslims in Britain has increased dramatically.
In particular, the authors found that since Muslim communities in small towns are more polarised than in cities, they are more vulnerable to attack and this accounts for higher Islamophobia-related incidents.
The study, Islamophobia and Anti-Muslim Hate Crime: UK Case Studies, was published by the University of Exeter and is part of a ten- year academic research project undertaken by its European Muslim Research Centre.
Shamim Chowdhury reports from Bishop’s Stortford, England.

Video of Times Square Bomber Faisal Shahzad Surfaces

A video has emerged in which the man who attempted to set off a car bomb in New York defends his actions. Faisal Shahzad says in the tape he is carrying out the Times Square attack as revenge for Muslim fighters, “oppressed and weak Muslims”, and “martyrs”.

‘Hatemonger’ Barred by Canadian Government to Speak Via Video Link

An Indian Muslim televangelist recently banned from Canada for his inflammatory statements
about Jews, gays, and the West, will still headline a massive Islamic conference in Toronto
addressing upwards of 10,000 attendees via video satellite.
The Journey of Faith Conference — billed as North America’s largest Islamic conference —
will “go on as planned” despite Dr. Zakir Naik’s exclusion from Canada, according to the event
Dr. Naik, president of the Mumbai-based Islamic Research Foundation, had been denied a visa
to enter Canada because of past comments such as “every Muslim should be a terrorist,” Jews
are “our staunchest enemy,” and “If [Osama bin Laden] is fighting the enemies of Islam, I am for
Dr. Naik — who has spoken several times at the annual Reviving the Islamic Spirit convention
in Toronto — has garnered headlines in Canada in the past. In 2006, the National Post
reported that one of the Toronto 18 terrorist suspects had urged Muslim youth to seek out the
televangelist’s teachings.
Citizenship and Immigration Canada declined to comment yesterday, citing the Privacy Act.

Video: Should the Netherlands ban the minaret?

A Rotterdam mosque is currently building what will be the largest minaret in Western Europe. This video features some Dutch politicians suggesting that the Netherlands follow the Swiss in banning the minaret, while others point out that very few mosques in the Netherlands are visibly identifiable, and that banning the minaret is discriminatory.

Video interview with CFCM President Mohammed Moussaoui

Le Figaro interviews CFCM, French Council of the Muslim Faith, president Mohammed Moussaoui on the Swiss minaret ban. Moussaoui explains his surprise and regret with the decision. He claims that unwarranted fear led to the majority vote, and to an extremist vote. He reminds that in France fewer than 2 percent of mosques have minarets. Moussaoui does not personally agree with burqa-use, and is against a ban.

Debunking the Claims of Muslim Demographics

The BBC News Magazine reports this weekend on Muslim Demographics, a seven and a half minute video posted on YouTube. The video, which has had more than 10 million views, uses slick graphics, punctuated with dramatic music, to make some surprising claims, asserting that much of Europe will be majority Muslim in just a few decades. It says that in the past two decades, 90% of all population growth in Europe has been Muslim immigration.

Yet the sources for the figures regarding immigration and fertility statistics in individual European countries are not provided in the video and in some nations, such as France, the government does not collect statistics by religion. So it is impossible to say what the precise fertility rates among different religious groups in France are. Population projection is an inexact science. The current trends suggest that by 2050 Europe will have a bigger proportion of Muslims, although nothing like the level suggested in the video.

According to demographer Dr. Andrew Hinde, while true that immigrant communities often have higher fertility rates, over time these usually fall into line with the indigenous population. This might not happen with Muslim immigrants. But nobody can know and that’s why, according to Dr Hinde, it is so hard to guess the future.

US Muslim leaders denounce al-Qaeda’s slur toward Obama

Spiritual leaders of a New York Muslim community lashed out against purported al-Qaeda message attacking President-elect Barack Obama, using racist language, and comparing him unfavorably to the late Malcolm X. The imams at a Malcolm X and Dr. Betty Shabazz Memorial, Educational, and Cultural Center issued a statement saying: “We find it insulting when anyone speaks for our community instead of giving us the dignity and the honor of speaking for ourselves.”

The Council on America-Islamic Relations (CAIR) also condemned Zawahiri’s comments, stating: “As Muslims and as Americans, we will never let terrorist groups or terror leaders falsely claim to represent us or our faith. We once again repudiate al-Qaeda’s actions, rhetoric, and world view and re-state our condemnation of all forms of terrorism and religious extremism.”

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German Islamist Resurfaces by Video from Afghanistan

Eric Breininger has been one of Germany’s most-wanted men since he joined the Islamist Jihad Union terrorist organization. He’s now resurfaced in a video from Afghanistan. His message: He has no plans for an attack against Germany. German officials have been looking for the young man for months. It is a search that has spanned the globe, but which had largely been fruitless. Until Tuesday that is, when Eric Breininger, a young German man from the western state of Saarland, popped up in an Islamic Jihad Union (IJU) terror video claiming he is currently in Afghanistan. In the video, Breininger — a 21-year-old convert to Islam who has adopted the nom de guerre Abdulgaffar el Almani — sounds little like the terrorist German officials suspect he has become. Indeed, in the six-minute-long clip, which was posted on the IJU Web site on Tuesday, he sounds more like a young schoolboy reading his homework out loud in front of the class. The mini-movie is called “A Call from Hindu Kush,” and its message is clear: “I am currently in Afghanistan and am not personally planning an attack on the country of Germany,” Breininger says into the camera. Yassin Musharbash reports.

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