Muslims Around the Globe Celebrate Eid al-Adha


Various German newspapers report about the celebrations of Eid around the globe. As reported by the Ostthüringer Zeitung and the Ahlener Zeitung, Muslim communities in Thüringen and North Rhine Westphalia celebrate the holiday and have established ways of making sacrifices that are in line with German rules and regulations. In light of current celebrations, the central council of Muslims in Germany emphasised the importance for Muslims to contribute to the fight against prejudice; furthermore, the German non-Muslim majority had to fully accept Islam and its practices as part of German society.

End of Ramadan

Various German newspapers reported on the end of Ramadan and the three-day celebration (Eid al-Fitr) held in Muslim communities. Aiman Mazyek, Chair of the Central Council of Muslims in Germany, wished all Muslims happy celebrations amongst their families and friends, but also pointed to current grievances in many parts of the world. To remind people of the importance of solidarity, peaceful coexistence, and mutual trust, he closed his message by drawing on the case of Tariq Jahan, whose son was recently killed during the riots in the UK. Jahan had called on people to not seek violent revenge, but end the riots and unite (as reported).