Two more Germans turn up in terror videos

Anti-terrorism authorities have identified two further German citizens in Islamist videos calling for holy war, officials confirmed Saturday. The two men, one from Bonn and the other from Hamburg, appear to be members of the same Islamist circle as Moroccan-born brothers Yassin und Mounir Chouka, who have turned up in previous videos threatening Germany with terrorist attacks. They are now thought to be members of the Uzbekistan Islamic Movement (IBU).

Several videos have emerged in recent weeks threatening Germany with reprisals if Bundeswehr troops were not withdrawn from Afghanistan. In the latest video, from October 3, fighters from the IBU called for a “holy war.”

Sweden: Mosque attacked

A fire was set to a mosque in Stromsund, located in the basement of an apartment block. The mosque serves as a local prayer center for Muslim in the neighborhood, comprised of mostly immigrants and refugees from Uzbekistan. Police found burned cartoons inside, and are taking the case very seriously, taking into consideration the possibility that the mosque fire may have been a hate crime. However, currently it is classified as attempted arson. Friday prayers have been set up in a temporary location. There were no reports of any injuries from the fire.

The Wife of Jailed Muslim Activist in China, Huseyin Celil, Appeals to Ottawa

Kamila Telendibaeva, the wife of jailed activist Huseyin Celil, appealed to the Canadian government to press her husband’s case more with China, in the lead-up to the Beijing Olympics. Telendibaeva suggested their requests were ignored as they arrived in Canada as refugees are not Canadian-born. She was joined at a news conference at Amnesty International’s annual general meeting in Toronto by Rebiya Kadeer, considered the most important leader of the Uyghur people, the Muslim minority group to which Celil belongs. Celil had been traveling with a Canadian passport when he was arrested in Uzbekistan 2 years ago and eventually handed over to Chinese officials, who accused him of terrorism and sentenced him to life in prison.

10 Terrorist Suspects Arrested in France, Germany and the Netherlands

Instigated by French police, police sweeps in three countries netted 10 suspects accused of financing terrorist movements liked with al-Qaida. Eight suspects were detained in France, one in Germany and one in the Netherlands, suspected of collecting funds for the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan, a militant group said to have close ties with a Turkish Islamic extremist group and al-Qaida.

Ten people arrested for financing group tied to al-Qaeda – Summary

Agents from the French, German and Dutch anti- terrorism services on Friday arrested 10 Turkish nationals suspected of helping finance a terrorist group linked to al-Qaeda. Eight of the suspects were arrested in France by members of French domestic intelligence service DST, French media reported. The raids by DST agents took place in the eastern city of Mulhouse and in the central Rhone region. The suspects are accused of trying to raise funds for a terrorist group in Uzbekistan linked to Osama bin Laden’s global terrorism network. French anti-terrorist forces have been investigating the group for one year. German public broadcaster SWR reported that a 35-year-old Turkish national, who had been sought under a European arrest warrant, was arrested in Weil am Rhein, a German town near the borders with France and Switzerland, within the framework of the French operation.