Update: Moroccan Imam Does Not Apply for Dutch Visa

20 December 2011


A Moroccan Imam invited to speak at a conference in Amsterdam did not apply for a visa to enter the country, according to the Telegraaf. Politicians had condemned the invitation and called for his entry to the country to be banned, when it was revealed that the Imam had supported a marriageable age of nine for girls. Foreign minister Uri Rosenthal said that there is now no longer sufficient time for a visa to be granted even if he did apply.

Dutch MP Refers to Turkish Prime Minister as “Islamic Monkey”

14 September 2011

Raymond de Roon, an MP for the Dutch Freedom Party (PVV), referred to Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan as an ‘Islamic monkey’ during parliamentary question period. The remark was made in reference to Turkey’s anti-Israel rhetoric and in the context of the Dutch saying ‘here comes the monkey out of the sleeve’. MPs from the ruling parties condemned the statement and Foreign Affairs Minister Uri Rosenthal has publicly distanced himself from the comment.

Dutch Turks Free To Practice Islam

December 8 2010

The Dutch government has reassured Turkey that the country’s governing coalition does not share politician Geert Wilders’understanding of Islam, reinforcing the freedom for Dutch-Turks to practice their religion. Dutch Foreign Minister Uri Rosenthal spoke to a group of Turkish journalists to clarify the stance of his government on the issue, following discussions with Turkish President Abdullah Gul and Foreign Minister Ahment Davutoglu during the NATO Summit last month.