Court Case Rescheduled Because of Ramadan

Defense lawyers of a Muslim man accused of a hold-up claimed that their client was put into a “weak position” because he was fasting during the time of his trial and requested it be rescheduled. One of the man’s lawyers, Mr. Yann Choucq, said that his trial would fall 14 days into the fast which would impede a proper defense: “the constraints of Ramadan, from a physiological perspective, place people in a weak position.” This case marks the first time a case has been postponed due to Ramadan in France.

In Libération, Fadéla Amara, Secretary of State for Urban Policies in the Conservative UMP, has responded that “religion has nothing to do with the justice system” and called for “vigilance” in the matter.

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Fadéla Amara Reveals New Plans for France’s Banlieues

The secretary of state for Urban Policies, Fad_la Amara, revealed that the country will aim to launch 45,000 new jobs for the country’s young people in the next three years, centred upon those most marginal in the country’s suburbs. President Sarkozy announced the plan Hope-Suburbs (Espoir-sBanlieues) in February. The project will concentrate on 215 neighbourhoods. Amara also revealed the creation of a cohesion delegation to aid relationships between the suburban population and police. Amara announced that We have a scandalous situation in our suburbs: in some neighbourhoods, between 40%-42% of young people under 26 are unemployed. The plan also includes better access to public transportation and assistance in the education of youths.

Fadela Amara considers herself as Muslim and Secular

The Secretary of State for Urban Policies (UMP), Fad_la Amara, also former president of Ni Putes, Ni Soumises (“Neither Whores, Nor Submissives“), in an interview published in the Algerian Daily Newspaper Al-Akhbar, declared herself as a “practicing Muslim“ and “secular in politics“.