Franciscans publish imam’s book on Allah and his prophets

Yahya Pallavicini, imam of the mosque al-Wahid in Milan, vice-president of the Italian Islamic Religious Community and founder of the International Committee of Imams, and Rabbis and Christians for Peace UNESCO in Paris, has decided to publish his last book “The Merciful. Allah and his Prophets” with a major catholic publishing house in Italy, Edizioni Messaggero.

It is a strong choice in a country that fights the veil and mosques. In Veneto, worshipping space is denied to Muslims and non-catholic religious symbols aren’t accepted. Pallavicini believes that courage is necessary to enhance dialogue, the only way to overcome isolation, prejudices and contrasts.

Spreading knowledge about Allah’s prophets (the same for Muslims, Jewish and Catholics), discusses how to foster integration while avoiding suspicion, fear and ignorance about different traditions. The book tries to facilitate the encounter of two worlds. Following what San Francesco once said regarding the Crusades: “We don’t have to go against anybody, rather we have to go among everybody”, the book seeks to meet the Others upon ideas of mercy and dialogue.

Peace Seminar to be held in Barcelona

A one-day seminar on the role of religion in the establishment of world peace is planned to be held on Thursday, April 10th. The seminar is organized by the Spanish Culture of Peace Foundation and the International Institute for Dialogue among Civilizations. The meeting is expected to be attended by officials from numerous cultural organizations, including UNESCO, the Islamic Cultural, Education, and Scientific Conference Organization (IESCO), and several Spanish church leaders. Former Iranian president Mohammed Khatami is also planned to attend the seminar.