Pope meets Italian and Arab delegates for Rome seminar

Pope Benedict XVI conducted a seminar with Italian and Arab politicians and senior officials attending an international seminar in Rome, aimed at strengthening political institutions and participation in the Middle East. Tolerance, understanding and mutual cooperation were further underlined by the meeting with the Pontiff who made himself a world ambassador for these values,” said IPALMO. During the seminar, IPALMO and UNDP are aiming to give the politicians from Iraq, Jordan and Lebanon – considered three key states in the volatile Middle East – experience in parliamentary practices in Italy, where democracy has deep roots. The seminar is also intended to give Italian parliamentarians the opportunity to learn more about Iraq, Jordan and Lebanon’s democratic institutions and civil society organizations.

Why Europe Has to Offer a Better Deal Towards its Muslim Communities

Our rigorous quantitative results, based on the first systematic use of the Muslim community data contained in the “European Social Survey” (ESS), compatible with much of the rest of current European political economic thinking regarding the future alternatives for the European Union, and contradict the very extended current alarmist political discourse in Western Europe. Those give strong support to the hypothesis that passive support for Islamist radicalism in Europe and the complete distrust in democracy does not exceed 400.000 persons. We also compare our research results with the recent PEW data. By and large, the two datasets yield the same results. We also find that Muslim economic and social alienation in Europe very much corresponds to deficiencies of the implementation of the “Lisbon” process. We also present a rigorous re-analysis of United States Department of State data on acts of global terrorism in the framework of Kondratiev cycle waves. Further dispelling irrational immigration-phobias and Islamophobia in general, the present work also shows that, by and large, pretty much the same functions of key (positive or negative) UNDP development indicators (y-axis) hold in comparison with purchasing power per capita (x-axis) in the Muslim world and the non-Muslim countries.

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