Dutch Woman In Niqab Prevented From Boarding Bus

A bus driver in the Dutch city of Uden prevented a woman wearing niqab from boarding his bus on the basis of her “extreme clothing”. The 19 year old woman had a ticket, and therefore should have been allowed to board, the Connexxion bus company has stated. The company has apologized to the woman’s husband and announced that the driver may be punished.

Dutch Liberalism Stares Into A Troubled Future As Anti-Muslim Backlash Grows Dozens Of Arson Attacks After Van Gogh’s Murder

Ian Traynor in UDEN, the Netherlands Kneeling in the sodden, charred remains of the primary school, Hari Boukameans took a Stanley knife to a melted computer. He twisted and he gouged – trying to recover the hard drive, hoping to salvage a little bit of the precious Dutch culture of live and let live from the flames of hatred that consumed his workplace. The Moroccan gave up. He slumped in the smelly, black mass of ashes. “This is really evil,” he groaned. Spray painting a white cross and White Power slogans on to the grey brick walls of the Muslim school the previous night, Dutch racists had set the place ablaze. The fire gutted the school and traumatised this comfortable town of 40,000 in the middle of the Netherlands.