A jihadist cell discovered at the Universtiy of Perugia: Two Moroccan students expelled

Roberto Maroni, the Italian interior minister, has ordered the immediate repatriation for security reasons of two Moroccan students at the University of Perugia. According to the investigations, the two foreigners were declared highly dangerous since they were ready to commit acts of terrorism in the country. Although the students were not in contact with the international terrorist net but were “self-trained” via the Internet, they were nonetheless deemed a serious threat for our country and therefore expelled.

Dutch drop case against 3 suspected of attack plan

Dutch prosecutors closed a case against three men arrested in New Years Eve, on suspicion of planning an imminent attack. The reason given was that there was no evidence against them. Police arrested three men after the intelligence said the suspects – Two Moroccan men and one Sudanese man, were about to carry out an unspecified act of violence. The three suspects now have the right to compensation for the time they spend in detention.