AIVD Identifies Two Dutch Suicide Bombers

April 24, 2014


Two Dutch suicide bombers have died in attacks in Iraq and Syria, home affairs minister Ronald Plasterk said on Wednesday at the publication of the AIVD’s annual report. The AIVD is the country’s General Intelligence and Security Service of the Netherlands.

One man was involved in an attack on citizens in Iraq using a wired-up rucksack. The other set off a car bomb in Syria, the minister is quoted as saying. He declined to give any further details.

The AIVD report also shows the impact of digital spying on the Netherlands, saying the country is particularly vulnerable because of its high value IT structure.


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Dutch Newspaper Interviews “Jihadists” in Syria

syria netherlands c de VolkskrantJune 16 2013


The Dutch newspaper Volkskrant has published an email interview with an individual using the name Abu Fidaa, claiming to be fighting with rebel forces in Syria. In the email interview Fidaa writes that he and his fellow fighters estimate there are 100 to 150 Dutch youths in Syria. Two Dutch fighters have died so far, he writes.

Fidaa denies that youths are being recruited against their will, and refuses to say which group the Dutch men are fighting with for “security reasons”. “What use are young men who don’t want to fight?… If youngsters are being recruited it is by the west thanks to its barbaric wars in Muslim countries. The years of images we have seen in Iraq and Afghanistan have planted a longing for jihad in our hearts.”

Dutch-Turkish MPs Call for Muslim Foster Parents to “Take Responsibility”

March 18 2013


Two Dutch MPs of Turkish origin have called on more Muslim families to volunteer as foster parents. The comments follow recent unease in Turkey about a lesbian couple fostering a boy born to Muslim parents.

The MPs used social media networks to spread a message asking Islamic parents to “stop taking offence, start taking responsibility”.

The dispute has threatened to take on diplomatic overtones with Turkey. The Dutch couple has raised the boy, now nine, since he was a baby. The commotion began after the boy’s birth mother made an emotional appeal for the boy’s return on television, generating debate in Turkey and coloring an upcoming visit to the Netherlands by Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan. A Turkish parliamentary commission is currently researching the fostering of Muslim children by gay or Christian couples, which they say will lead to them becoming estranged from their cultural background.

Facebook Group Apologizes for Success of Dutch Anti-Islam Party

Two Dutch people have set up a Facebook group apologizing to the rest of the world for the success of the anti-Islam Freedom Party (PVV) in the Netherland’s federal elections on June 10 2010, Radio Netherlands Worldwide reports. Leonie and Michiel Heinicke set up the site after the PVV, led by Geert Wilders, received 1.5 million votes in the elections. The Facebook group has attracted considerable attention with over 30,000 friends joining the site in just 48 hours.