New Muslim Party in Antwerp

Two Antwerp residents are making plans to set up a leftist Islamic party with hopes of participating in the 2012 municipal elections.  The party – simply called “Moslem” is being created because its founders feel that the traditional parties neglect the local Muslim community, and call on them only when it is convenient for politicians, said Mohamed Sidi Habibi.  Habibi added: “We are a democratic party that has respect for the law; the law of Belgium and the law of Islam. The spirit of Islam has respect for everything that lives, and that is the heart of Green.”  The new party will also oppose the ban on headscarves for civil servants in Antwerp, saying that “that ban hinders the emancipation of women.”  Habibi’s comments were in reference to a wholly emancipated female Muslim doctor, who was rejected by the University of Antwerp when they were made aware that she wore a headscarf.

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