More obstacles to Evangelical churches and mosques

The Protestant and Muslim religious communities complain that their difficulties in maintaining their temples are growing. Town Councils are increasingly demanding more requirements for opening new temples, and are closing those that they consider that do not meet the minimum requirements. The fact that there is no specific legislation on places of worship increases the arbitrariness of local authorities. In Catalonia, where there is a specific legislation, it will be reformed to make it more restrictive, so the local governments will have greater freedom in determining where and when a place of worship can be opened. In the end, the exercise of religious freedom depends of the goodwill of local authorities.

The niqab and burqa debate continues in the Spanish Town Councils.

The ban of wearing burqa and niqab continues at local level in the Spanish Town Councils. On the one side the Town Council of Tàrrega has decided not to ban the
wearing of burqa and niqab in the public spaces and on the other side the city hall of Lleida has decided to ban it. In the meantime some Muslims organizations and
associations like Watani in LLeida are preparing legal actions to stop this type of initiatives.