Six Men under Arrest in Toulouse

Six men were arrested on October 23, 2007 in Toulouse (Lot), presumably affiliated to a jihadist network recruiting men to go to Iraq. The men were between 25 to 45 years old and are now in the custody of authorities. One of them is accused of training for combat members of the same network who had been arrested last February in Ari_ge and Toulouse.

Five held in France suspected of sending Islamic fighters to Iraq

Five men have been arrested in the cities of Toulouse and Lot, under suspicion of helping recruit Islamic extremist fighters for combat missions in Iraq. The men are accused of providing combat training and supplying material assistance, though a search of their homes did not turn up any evidence. The men were arrested in a joint mission by both French and Belgian police.

Thousands protest France’s DNA immigration law

Thousands of people protested France’s new DNA law, requiring testing for foreigners wishing to join their families. Organizers estimated 3,000 people attended the Paris march, while police put the figure at closer to 1,500. Smaller rallies were held in Marseille, Toulouse, Strasbourg, Nantes, Rennes, and Dijon.

French Philosophy Teacher in Hiding After Attack on Islam

A French philosophy teacher yesterday entered his third week in hiding after writing a newspaper comment piece calling the prophet Muhammad a merciless warlord and mass-murderer. Robert Redeker, 52, who teaches at a suburban Toulouse high school, this week won the support of famous French intellectuals including the philosopher Bernard-Henri L’vy, who warned that death threats against him were an attack on freedom of speech akin to the persecution of Salman Rushdie. But the case has divided opinion in France, with some human rights groups and academics condemning the death-threats but at the same time accusing Mr Redeker of deliberately writing a “stupid” and “nauseating” provocation.