New Research Funded at Tilburg University Will Study Spread of Salafism and Jihadism

logoSix fresh PhD’s will study the use of social media by Salafis. Approximately 3 to 5 percent of the worldwide Muslim population is an adherent to Salafism, a fundamentalist current in Islam. And since the rise of jihadism both are viewed with suspicion. Under the lead of the Dutch scholar and Professor Herman Beck six PhD students will do research at the Tilburg School of Humanities on the spread of Salafism in Germany, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Iran, and Spain.

16-year old Dutch girl arrested on her way to Syria

A 16-year old girl from the city of Tilburg was arrested by the Hungarian police at the border, when she was travelling by train from Budapest to Belgrado with false documents. Dutch authorities had informed the Hungarian anti-terrorism service TEK about her, because she was suspected to be fighting the jihad in Syria.

Terror Suspect Worked as Imam in Dutch Penitentiary

15 September 2011

NIS News reports that a man convicted in Morocco for involvement in the deaths of political opponents has worked as an Imam in the Dutch city of Tilburg. Hasan B. was arrested in Spain on July 20 at the request of Moroccan authorities. Previously, B. worked as an Imam in the Tilburg Penitentiary (PIT), after being hired as a temporary worker by the ministry’s Spiritual Care Services.

Freedom Party named “New Radical Right” in Netherlands

A report investigating polarization and radicalization across the Netherlands has named Geert Wilders’ Freedom Pary (PVV) the ‘new radical right’, a party with a national democratic ideology but without extreme right wing roots. The study, completed by four researchers at Tilburg University, notes that the party’s views on Islamisation and non-Western immigrants appear to have a discriminatory nature, the result of favoring “the familiar”. The study identifies the Freedom Party’s organization as authoritarian, not democratic. Wilders, in a comment to ANP, called the report “scandalous”.

Investigation into abuse at Dutch Qur’an schools

Integration Minister Eberhard van der Laan has announced that Dutch health authorities will investigate reports of child abuse during Qur’an lessons in mosques.

The investigation, which had already established that corporal punishment was used in the Hague, will now extend to other cities.

Participation in the investigation is voluntary, as authorities can only intervene in cases of child abuse, Expatica reports. Mosques in Amsterdam and Tilburg have refused to cooperate with the inquiry.

Tilburg mosque mined for blocking cell phones

The Islamic Association for Education and Transfer of Knowledge has been fined for operating a device to block cell phone usage in the vicinity of a Tilburg mosque.

The banned device, which sends out strong radio signals that make phoning in the immediate vicinity impossible, blocks cell phone use as well as reception for emergency services.

NIS News reports that the mosque halted cell phone usage in order to allow worshipers to pray in peace. It faces a fine of 650 euros.