Three terror suspects extradited

Three Tunisian men wanted in Italy for alleged terrorist offences have been extradited from Britain, police say. Habib Ignaoua, Mohamed Khemiri, and Ali Chehidi were arrested in 2007 on a European Arrest Warrant. Italian authorities accuse the trio of recruiting young men to join the jihad in Afghanistan and Iraq. In July, they went to the High Court to try to block their extradition on the grounds they could face torture, but the judges rejected their case. The Metropolitan Police all three left Britain at 1500 GMT on Saturday. The Italian authorities say the men were involved in recruiting fighters between 1997 and 1999.

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Britain extradites three Tunisians to Italy

Three Tunisian men accused of having terrorist ties were extradited from Britain to Milan, Italy.  Italian prosecutors have accused Habib Ignaoua, Mohamed Khemiri, and Ali Chehidi of proselytizing, using politico-religious indoctrination with the aim of committing terrorist acts, facilitating illegal immigration, and creating false documents. The three men were arrested in London and Manchester in 2007, after warrants for their arrests had been issued via Milan. Two of the suspects – Ignaoua and Khemiri, have been previously tried and convicted in Tunisia with terrorism-related offences.

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