The Hague Mosque Received a Threat Letter: A Truck Might Strike

The As-Soennah Mosque in The Hague received a threat letter together with a toy truck.

Between 2005 and 2015, 175 mosques were target of  violence or aggression in the Netherlands.The city of The  Hague drew up a special Manual with tips for a safer environment for mosques. The Netherlands does not have exact numbers of islamophobic incidents unless these are reported as a criminal offense.

Iowa Man Charged With Making Online Threats Against Boston Mosque

BOSTON — U.S. officials on Wednesday arrested an Iowa man and charged him with making online threats against a Boston mosque, including threats to shoot and kill Muslims.
Federal court papers unsealed on Wednesday charged that Gerald Wayne Ledford, 57, of Clinton, Iowa, made threatening posts on the Facebook page of the Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center, including the post “we will destroy you” and photos of a person carrying a long gun.

Unlike the UK, Denmark introduces rehabilitation for Syrian Fighters

An innovative rehabilitation programme is offering Danish Muslims in Syria an escape route from the conflict zone and help getting their lives back on track without the threat of prosecution. The scheme offers an alternative approach to the latest tough measures unveiled this week in the UK, where returning Britons already faced likely arrest and the threat of prosecution on terrorism charges.

Steffen Nielsen, a crime prevention advisor and part of a multi-agency task force tackling radicalisation and discrimination in Aarhus, said authorities there have instead adopted a “soft-hands approach” and said, “We are actually embracing them when they come home. Unlike in England, where maybe you’re interned for a week while they figure out who you are, we say ‘Do you need any help?'”

While the UK’s latest package of counter-terrorism measures includes compulsory participation in a de-radicalisation programme for those deemed to hold radical beliefs, Nielsen said Aarhus’ scheme was voluntary and did not address issues of ideology. He states that “We are experiencing more political pressure to do something more like the British stuff.” However they are choosing a different approach, “[n]ot because we are nice people, but because we think that is what works.”

Dutch NCTV Terror Threat Remains “Substantial”

February 24, 2014


The terrorist threat in the Netherlands remains ‘substantial’, according to the latest threat report from the Dutch counter terrorism body NCTV. The risk remains at this level due to ongoing concerns about residents traveling to Syria to engage in armed conflict. NCTV says some 100 Dutch nationals have so far travelled to Syria, of whom some 70 remain in the country.

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There is No Threat from Imam Al Bustanj

August 12, 2013

“Ridiculous, these are complaints that do not stand up” explained the spokesman of the Jewish Community in Milan, Daniele Nahum, in response to the threat of lawsuit from Davide Piccardo. Piccardo, the coordinator of the Islamic association of Milan, in a statement, said today that the association would proceed with a defamation and incitement to racial and religious hatred lawsuit. The lawsuit is in response to comments about Imam Al Bustanj, citing him as an extremist who supports the martyrdom of children.

The controversy began with the end of Ramadan a few days ago. The Jewish community explicitly blamed the Municipal government because they participated in a prayer for the end of Ramadan led by Imam Al Bustanj. The note from the Jewish community coordinator explains the community will not be undervalued.

In the end this debate focuses on those phrases that represent the historical opposition between the two faiths on the issues of the state of Israel and the occupation of the Palestinian land. “We do not intend to take lessons from those who support a state that constantly violates international legality and basic human rights; continuing to conduct a brutal military occupation, which is both racist and criminal” Picard wrote.

Threat Level in Netherlands Remains Set at “Substantial”

July 1 2013


The National Coordinator for Security and Counterterrorism in the Netherlands has announced that the level of threat in the country continues to be “substantial”.

The main international threat with potential consequences for the Netherlands is presently based on the situation in Syria. Other areas of consequence include Mali, Yemen, Somalia, Nigeria and Afghanistan.

The Terrorism Threat: No opening to Islam, Statement by the Northern League

12 June 2013


“The arrest of Anas El Abboubi is yet another demonstration that Islamic extremism has taken root and is a looming threat. Radicalism is increasingly widespread among those who grew up in our country; even though they apparently seem to have accepted our rules of civil coexistence. While the policy underestimates phenomena of this kind that could cause disastrous consequences for our security and our future, despite the scarcity of resources, we thank the police station in Brescia who were able to intervene. The fear is that their work will soon be resized and disheartened by the government’s next steps on immigration, security and justice.” Said a statement by the provincial secretary of the Northern League Fabio Rolfi and the communications manager of the Northern League David Caparini.

Giuliani Tackles Racial Profiling On NBC: Can’t ‘Ignore’ Threat From ‘Distorted Islamic Extremist Ideology’

In the wake of the Boston bombing, the issue of homeland security is once again at the forefront.Meet the Press, too, discussed the issue of security as David Gregory invited his panel to discuss the current approach, the specific case of the Boston bombing, and whether profiling the Muslim community would be an effective tactic.

“We have to recognize we are still in a global war against radical Islamic jihadists,” Rep. Tom Cotton (R-AR) asserted. “And the president, by his policies and by the words of senior officials in his administration, are removing us from a war footing and putting us back into a law enforcement model.”

Later in the segment, as Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-VT) grew defensive in response to Cotton, Gregory noted that “signals of radicalization” were missed in the case of the Boston bombing, eventually going on ask: Do “we need to sacrifice privacy in order to be safer? Is that going to be the immediate lesson from the Boston bombings?”

Home Office Warns of Threat Posed by Britons Fighting in Syria

UK strategy counter terrorism27 March 2013


The annual United Kingdom counter-terrorism strategy report (CONTEST) released this month reveals that hundreds of Europeans are fighting in Syria and warns of the domestic threat posed by the UK nationals taking part in the conflict. Charles Farr, a former MI6 officer, claimed that an estimate of between 70-100 UK nationals fighting in Syria is not unrealistic and that many of these individuals are fighting with Jabhat al-Nusra, a group associated with al-Qaeda. Mr. Farr’s comments come amid a growing concern that fighters returning to the UK may employ their skills to commit acts of domestic terrorism.

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Netherlands Raises Terror Threat Level From Limited to Substantial

March 13 2013


The Dutch National Counterterrorist and Safety Coordinator (NCTV) has raised the threat of a terror attack in the Netherlands from “limited” to “substantial”. The government’s anti-terror organization made the announcement on the grounds that increased risk stems from radicalized individuals returning to the country from fighting in the Middle East, specifically Syria. In a statement the NCTV said, “the number of those jihadists travelling from the Netherlands to Syria has rapidly increased… There is a risk that those who travel for jihad pick up experience in conflict areas and upon return to the Netherlands form a threat because they could come back radicalized, traumatized and willing to commit violence.”


In related coverage, immediately preceding the elevation of the national threat level, Nos television reported that up to 100 Dutch Muslims are currently fighting in Syria and other countries such as Afghanistan and Somalia.  According to Nos, the Netherlands is one of the biggest suppliers of European fighters, some affiliated with the Al Nusra movement which aims to create an Islamic state in Syria.