Muslim stereotypes in Swedish media

In Dagens Nyheter (independent) journalist and writer Dilsa Demirbag-Sten claims Swedish media is promoting stereotypical representations of Muslims, and confusing Muslims and Islam. Islam gets to be represented by what she says to be “Islamist” images, because “secular, cultural and atheist Muslims don’t show enough an interest in religion”. By letting Islamists represent Islam – Swedish politicians and media help empower non-democratic forces within society – Demirbag-Sten claims.

The same day Svenska Dagbladet (independent moderate/conservative) published a feature on Muslim diversity in Sweden. Ten Muslims of different denominations (Sufi, feminist-atheist, convert, secular, traditionalist, etc.) talk about their relations to Islam.

Svenska Dagbladet acknowledged the problem, and states that Muslim diversity needs better representation in the daily news.