Teacher may wear headscarf

A Muslim teacher who was fired from her job for wearing a headscarf has been allowed to return to her job. The Council of State declared her dismissal unlawful, saying that an individual public school or district may not impose a general ban on religious symbols. In early 2006, a Brussels school district began imposing such bans on religious symbols, including the headscarf worn by many Muslim women.

Muslim Teacher Defends Her Veil

A Muslim support teacher suspended for wearing a veil in class says it was never a problem for her pupils. Headfield Church of England Junior School, in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, said pupils found it hard to understand her during English language lessons. But Aishah Azmi, 24, said: “They never complained.” She added she was willing to take the veil off in class, but not in front of any male colleagues.

French Philosophy Teacher in Hiding After Attack on Islam

A French philosophy teacher yesterday entered his third week in hiding after writing a newspaper comment piece calling the prophet Muhammad a merciless warlord and mass-murderer. Robert Redeker, 52, who teaches at a suburban Toulouse high school, this week won the support of famous French intellectuals including the philosopher Bernard-Henri L’vy, who warned that death threats against him were an attack on freedom of speech akin to the persecution of Salman Rushdie. But the case has divided opinion in France, with some human rights groups and academics condemning the death-threats but at the same time accusing Mr Redeker of deliberately writing a “stupid” and “nauseating” provocation.