Diplomatic incident erupts over jailing of Moroccan senator

Morocco has recalled its Ambassador to Italy, Tajeddine Baddou, to protest against the imprisonment of Moroccan senator Yahya Yahya in Rome. While details of Yahya’s arrest are unknown, reports claim that the senator was under the influence of alcohol, insulting police, and arguing with his wife. As a result, he was sentenced to 27 for breaching the peace and aggression against a public official. However, some have questioned these reports – including Italian MP Souad Sbai. Sbai stated that she believes the reports to be strange citing the unlikelihood that Yahya was drink, given religious prohibition of alcoholic beverages and the soon-to-begin month of Ramadan. Yahya holds Moroccan, Spanish, and Dutch citizenship – although in parliament, he represents Melilla – a city under Spanish control and claimed by Morocco. He was reportedly visiting Italy to do shopping.