Swedes in al-Shabaab training camps

According to the publication Dagens Nyheter, phone threats to artist Lars Vilks – who in 2007 drew a picture of Muhammad as a dog – came from al-Shabab in Somalia.

Representatives from al-Shabab have been in Sweden to recruit and collect money in mosques in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmoe. Swedish secret police (SÄPO) claim about twenty Swedish-Somalis have traveled to Somalia; some have died and at least ten are participating in al-Shabab camps and in military battles in Somalia.

Swedish-Somalia spokespersons say about 80 percent of Sweden’s Somali population is against al-Shabab, but are afraid to be open about their critique. Last week Swedish-Somali spokespersons asked for help to deal with extremist Islamist forces within the Somali group.