Homophobe imam invited to speak to Sweden’s Young Muslims

The North-American Imam Abdullah Hakim Quick has been invited to give a speech at a conference initiated by Sweden’s Young Muslims (SUM). Abdullah Hakim Quick is, in earlier speeches, to have described Jews as “filthy” and to advocate the execution of homosexuals. According to SUM’s homepage he says this is misunderstanding created by Western Islamophobes.

Sören Juvas, chairperson of the Swedish Gay Right group RFSL says that SUM’s invitation “shows a complete lack of responsibility. I was previously under the impression that this organization respected principles of equal rights for everybody but now it seems they couldn’t care less about the values they claim to stand for.” RFSL are hoping for SUM to withdraw their invitation.

Mohammad Kharraki, spokesperson of SUM, says they promote multitude and reject extremism in any form. Even so they will not withdraw Quicks invitation as “it would mean too many changes in the program.” Kharraki says the Imam is not invited to lecture on homosexuality, but to talk about “Muslim identity and about what goals one is to set for oneself as a young Muslim.”

The conference is to be held Easter weekend.